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The Raw Split


Photograph of a dog reading a book entitled 'You are my hero' with Rodney Habib on the coverSince publishing the latest edition of Healthful Dog (2[3]) we have been surprised by the rhetoric of some members of the our community.

Whilst there is and most likely always will be a split within the raw feeding community, between those who advocate meat, bone, offal and fat only and those who also recommend plant matter, which is further sub-divided within itself into those who promote grains and starches and those who do not , we should like to point out that if you are feeding farmed meat, rather than wild hunted Deer, Moose, Caribou, Elk, Snowshoe Hares etc, that live exclusively on non-industrialised, unpolluted land, then your pets are not getting the same levels of macro & micro-nutrients as their lupine ancestors.

Most post-industrial farmed meat these days is fed a species inappropriate diet, even free range cows and sheep are put on pasture land for only a certain amount of the year, which has often been chemically treated with nitrates in order to promote growth of rye grass which at one time was only found in one valley in England, the rest of the year they are often confined to barns.

It is mainly for this reason that Rodney Habib – Pet Nutrition Blogger recommends the addition of plant matter and natural supplements to your pets diet in order to supplement what has been lost in the farming process and we agree with him.

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