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Your Pet and Communicable Disease


Most human communicable diseases are not zoonotic, but as we know some are and whilst we have seen photographs of pets wearing masks and some even goggles, the reality is that it takes time and patience to train your pet to accept these, so what else can we do?

We can boost their immune systems in the same way that we boost our own.

We can give them, where possible, a fresh, species appropriate, balanced diet.

We can include natural immune boosters for those that will eat them, i.e.:

Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic (in body weight appropriate quantities), raw honey etc. and we can supplement.

Whilst our beloved dogs and cats do produce a certain amount of vitamin C in their liver, they have long since lost the ability to produce the large amounts of their ancestors.

You can start by adding an eighth of a teaspoon (500mg) of pharmaceutical grade sodium ascorbate to a meal and build up by the same amount (500mg) each day until you reach bowel tolerance and you may wish to do exactly the same for yourself. Sodium Ascorbate is a fantastic anti-oxidant, and combined with glutathione aids in the detox process, in order to boost glutathione production we give/take selenium.

There are of course a plethora of other natural supplements you could use, including, but not limited to:



Colloidal Silver etc.

Also, in these days of 5G don’t forget the microbiome boosting properties of pre & pro-biotics and fermented foods, when using ‘Bone Broth’ we advise one made specifically for pets, as others contain too much salt.

Most of which you can find in your local natural pet supply store, although we have added links for those who can’t get out & whose local supplier doesn’t deliver.

We also add Plant Derived Minerals on a daily basis as a matter of course, as well as an animal specifit multi-vitamin called Arthrydex (unfortunately not currently available in the UK).

As you may know some viruses can linger in the air for hours and on hard surfaces for days, if you wish to wash your pet after an excursion we recommend these vegan, toxin free, non-animal tested, pet specific products. For cleaning your pets toys etc. and spraying your pet and/or yourself we suggest Leucillin, and for in household cleaning we recommend Thieves.

Most importantly, at times of local epidemic is to socially isolate, whether that means keeping your cat home, or restricting a small dog to the garden, or even fitting a yellow ribbon/jacket, keeping your dog on lead and walking them some place remote, you may well value the extra effort made for your furry friend and ultimately yourself.

If you haven’t got a back up stock of food and treats, we would suggest you get some, just in case.

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