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We are pleased to bring you this new video series by the incredible Nick Thompson:

Canine Nutrition, Hypothyroidism and Vaccinations features over five hours worth of video covering the following subjects:

An introduction to Raw Food for Dogs:

Why consider changing from tins or kibble?

  • How safe and complete are raw foods?
  • How to choose a ready made raw food
  • How to make your own raw food diet

Hypothyroidism, Behaviour, Epilepsy & Chronic Disease:

  • 43% of English Setters have Autoimmune Thyroiditis
  • Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Boxer and Labrador breeds are all in the top 25 most commonly affected breeds
  • Groups at higher risk for behavioural disorders due to thyroid disease include: pedigrees, neutered males and females and mid to large sized dogs

Vaccination in the 21st Century:

  • Why “re-starting” vaccines is “inconsistent” with the principles of immunological memory
  • Why blood testing (titre testing) is the future
  • When to titre test
  • When to vaccinate puppies; when not to
  • When to vaccinate old dogs; when not to
  • How useful is Kennel Cough Vaccine

We think this is a complete bargain at only £24.99, Click here for access.

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