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Healthful Dog Journalzine

  • “I can thoroughly recommend this digital magazine (hard copies can be purchased from Amazon) I am so impressed, it is jammed packed full of fantastic information … Definitely one to add to your list Ladies & Gents” Patricia, Enfield
  • “Your magazine is amazing!” Donna, New Jersey


  • A profound source of information
  • Packed full of interesting articles from a range of different therapists and canine health professionals.
  • It features some great holistic therapists with advice for your animals.
  • I have it on good authority there are some great articles to read.
  • Excellent zoopharmacognosy article and lots more interesting ones to read. This journal is well worth purchasing.
  • Learning and exploring a range of holistic therapies.Empowering, broadening my knowledge base of natural options for dogs.
  • Insight into new holistic options and what they entail, where they are useful. Interesting personal insights and experiences.
  • Fantastic new magazine.
  • Excellent value!


Healthful Pet Mince

  • “You’re the lady who makes the food that made the dog better!” : Mr & Mrs X,
  • “Just keep working your magic” : Paul, London
  • “Let me tell you Big Norm has
    just devoured his lovely dinner thanks to you… he is bloody glad you came to visit!:-))” Piers, Cambridge
  • “Thanks very much. Look forward to taking delivery of more amazing raw food. Thank you.” Nick, Bath
  • “Hi. Our ageing greyhound has just tried a sample of your product which we got via our super holistic vet. It was “wolfed” in seconds flat and this from a dog who is not only aged by not too well! He saw your food as a definite “must have” therefore we will order more now direct from your site. I recommend your product to all dog owners (and believe me I never recommend anything much as I am a super skeptic) Very well done. (P.S. our junior greyhound also thinks product great even though she did not see much of it as it was all inside my other hound !!)” Michael, Somerset
  • “6 cats all on raw, we took your advice and they love it” Katy, Leicester
  • You have changed the lives of our cats. 1 has gone from being a fat cat to nearly normal about a week!” Carol, Leicester
  • “My hedgehog is really fussy, only picks out what she wants to eat, but she loves Hodge-heg : Mr J, Northampton
  • “Just wanted to say a big thank you! Since we started my dog on your suggested raw diet a few months ago I’m amazed at the changes! She’s got a lot more energy, has lost the weight she needed to, as she was overweight, and her coat is fantastic! Her gums and teeth have also improved and she just seems to be overall a much healthier dog. Can’t thank you enough. I was a skeptic at first when you were telling me about the raw diet but I’m so glad I decided to try it!”: Krish, Leicester
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