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Holistic Pet Health Conference

17th-23rd June

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Confirmed Speakers:

  • Toni Shelbourne

Canine Compulsive Disorder

  • Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis – Tallgrass Animal Acupressure

The Integrated Dog and Acupressure

  • Dr. Jodie Gruenstern DVM CVA

Step Up the Nutritional Ladder ’cause Oils are Not Enough!

  • Dr. Geoff Johnson

Veterinary Homeopathy

  • Caroline Thomas

Flower Essences

  • Pennie Clayton

Bowen Therapy for Dogs

  • Mary Debono

Canine Anti-Ageing in 3 Simple Steps

  • Dr. Christina Chambreau

What Are Your Next Steps?

  • Dr. Megan Kelly

Strengthening the Arthritic Dog

  • Dr. Barbara Royal

Bacteria in the Microbiome

  • Dr. Nick Thompson

 Raw Feeding Veterinary Society & New Concepts in Pet Nutrition

  • Kymythy Schultze

Vaccines and Your Pets’s Health: Are We Asking the Right Questions?

  • Dr. Peter Dobias

Your Dog Can Be Your Best Healer

  • Rita Hogan

Seasonal Healing

  • Dr. Jean Hofve

CBD & Hemp Oils for Dogs What, Why, and How?

  • Sue Reid

Making the Big Decision – Euthanasia




(Confirmed Speakers list will continue to be updated throughout the month.)

A percentage of profits will be donate to ‘Help Save Complementary Therapies for Animals

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Last year we were honoured to have the following awesome speakers:

  • Dr. Ian Billinghurst
  • Dr. Christina Chambreau
  • Pennie Clayton
  • Mary Debono
  • Dr. Peter Dobias
  • Elaine Downs
  • Dr. Jodie Gruenstern
  • Dr. Wendy Jensen
  • Dr. Patricia Jordan
  • Sally Marchant
  • Lyndsay Potter
  • Sue Reid
  • Susan Thixton
  • Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis
  • Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
  • Caroline Thomas

Anyone who registered got free access to these talks from 18th-24th June, but if you missed it, or any of the videos you can now get unlimited access for the bargain price of


Unlimited Access to Holistic Pet Health Conference 2017


Donna: “Thanks for your work on behalf of pet parents around the world.  Truly inspiring!”

Alice: “Wow, loved Dr Billinghurst’s informative presentation, VERY interesting! many thanks. He is also the reason why I feed my dogs a raw diet. “

Lisa: “Fabulous!”

Mary: “Thank you so much!”

Loret: “What a fabulous way to get some amazing information about holistic pet care!! and it’s free!”

Julie: “Definitely one to make time for”


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