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Holistic Pet Health Conference

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Holistic Pet Health Conference 2019

16th-22nd June

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Our 2018 Conference

was a huge success

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  • Dr. Barbara Royal : Bacteria in the Microbiome 
  • Dr. Peter Dobias : You Can Be Your Dog’s Best Healer 
  • Dr. Christina Chambreau : What Are Your Next Steps?
  • Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis at Tallgrass Animal Acupressure: The Integrated Dog and Acupressure
  • Caroline Thomas : Flower Essences 
  • Dr. Geoff Johnson : Veterinary Homeopathy 
  • Toni Shelbourne : Canine Compulsive Disorder
  • Kymythy Schultze : Vaccines and Your Pets’s Health: Are We Asking the Right Questions?
  • Pennie Clayton : Bowen Therapy for Dogs
  • Dr. Megan Kelly : Strengthening the Arthritic Dog
  • Mary Debono : Canine Anti-Ageing in 3 Simple Steps
  • Dr. Jean Hofve: CBD & Hemp Oils for Dogs What, Why, and How?
  • Rita Hogan : Seasonal Healing
  • Dr. Ian Billinghurst: AAFCO NUTRITIONAL STANDARDS FOR PET FOODS, What do they actually mean? Do they APPLY to RAW WHOLE PET Foods?  Should they APPLY to ANY PET FOOD? 
  • Dr. Jodie Gruenstern: Step Up the Nutritional Ladder ’cause Oils are Not Enough!
  • Dr. Nick Thompson: Raw Feeding Veterinary Society & New Concepts in Pet Nutrition
  • Sue Reid: Making the Big Decision – Euthanasia

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Our first year we were honoured to have the following awesome speakers:

  • Dr. Ian Billinghurst
  • Dr. Christina Chambreau
  • Pennie Clayton
  • Mary Debono
  • Dr. Peter Dobias
  • Elaine Downs
  • Dr. Jodie Gruenstern
  • Dr. Wendy Jensen
  • Dr. Patricia Jordan
  • Sally Marchant
  • Lyndsay Potter
  • Sue Reid
  • Susan Thixton
  • Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis
  • Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
  • Caroline Thomas

Unlimited Access to Holistic Pet Health Conference 2017


  • Donna: “Thanks for your work on behalf of pet parents around the world.  Truly inspiring!”
  • Alice: “Wow, loved Dr Billinghurst’s informative presentation, VERY interesting! many thanks. He is also the reason why I feed my dogs a raw diet.
  • Julie: “Just watched it, Brilliant!”
  • Lisa: “Fabulous!”
  • Mary: “Thank you so much!”
  • Loret: “What a fabulous way to get some amazing information about holistic pet care!! and it’s free!”
  • Julie: “Definitely one to make time for”
  • Kate: “Wonderful! Great line-up of speakers”
  • Nick: “This is a fantastic collaboration of tops vets, practitioners and experts, giving talks about promoting health in dogs”
  • Kim: “I have found these to be quite interesting”
  • Kate: “Just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent conference…. I am really impressed with what I have heard. I know how much hard work goes into these things – a big well done!”
  • Jessica: “I am enjoying and getting so much out of the Holistic Pet Health Conference! Thank you for making all of this crucial information available”
  • Geoff: “Brilliant – well done”
  • Rachel: “I have been absolutely enjoying your conference and I’m so glad that I found it”
  • Jeanne: “I’ve been very engaged in viewing this conference”
  • Caroline: “OMG! Absolutely brilliant!”
  • Cathi: “Great conference that just seemed to fly by”


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