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Naturally Increase your health at the Cellular level

Welcome to your ASEA journey.

ASEA utilises technology to turn simple ingredients into Redox Signaling Molecules improving health at a cellular level.

cb1bd7b1486d48f8b4254753a679c3e2Redox signaling molecules are classified into two groups:images

reactive oxygen species and reduced species.

The reactive oxygen species arms the immune system;

the reduced species activates antioxidants.

A careful, homeostatic balance between these two species is maintained in all cells and tissues. When a problem or damage occurs, this balance is disturbed, and this imbalance sends a signal to cause the cells and tissues to defend and repair themselves, thus restoring healthy balance.

Redox signaling molecules are cellular messengers created within every cell of the body and are vital to life. A proper supply of redox signaling molecules enables the normal cellular health process: damaged, dysfunctional cells fading away and healthy, vibrant cells taking over. Age, toxins, and environmental stress diminish the body’s ability to produce and maintain a proper balance of redox signaling molecules. ASEA Redox Supplement is the world’s only source for replenishing redox signaling molecules.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have had life changing results

in health, fitness and beauty with ASEA.

We have 2 main products, ASEA Liquid Supplement and Renu28 Skin Gel,
A case contains 4 of each.

And our new product range Renu Advanced

which has already shown incredible results in improving skin texture & glow


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