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Product Review: Pet Protector


The Non-Chemical, Anti-Flea, Anti-Tick and Anti-mosquito Collar Tag

This device claims to utilise magnetic and ‘scalar waves’, triggered by blood circulation to produce “an invisible energy field around the entire animal’s body”. It also claims that “Scalar waves are totally harmless to people and animals….and they are only effective against external parasites.”

96.97% effective—100% safe for your pets,

your family and your environment

During the 4 year long, non-independent study of 88 animals, a number of ticks were found in quarterly records, but no fleas, it is unfortunate that these tests were performed on  pet animals kept in a variety of environments which are not detailed, nor are their diets, making this paper unsubmissable to a scientific journal and therefore not considered proof, regardless of countless testimonials.

Also the claim of “100% safe has not been substantiated”.

In Konstantin Meyls’ 2011 paper in ‘DNA and Cell Biology’ details how ’Scalar Waves’ are in fact used by DNA as a form of communication and are involved in DNA expression. As we know from Genomics an alteration to DNA expression can be responsible for both disease and repair, most notably DNA expression changes are associated with the formation of cancers.

If DNA utilised Scalar Waves have a wavelength of 126nm ± 6nm and a frequency of 1015 Hz of UV then what effect can a device have on DNA that emits a field ’surrounding the animals’ with wavelength and frequencies of ….  Ah, they’ve taken down the page that explained that, so…  difficult to say.

Dryden et al. (2000) investigated claims of the parent company ‘CatanDog’ on its’ use in preventing fleas in cats and found no benefit at all.

I have personally been approached on a number of occasions to re-sell this product and told that I’d :

“be generously rewarded for recommending this life-saving product!

However, until proper scientific research has been done on its’ efficacy and long-term testing on DNA expression and the results of any changes induced by this product in order to be able to substantiate the claim of 100% safe it will not be on my recommendations list.


Dryden, M.W. Payne, P.A. & Smith, V. (2000)  Evaluation of the CatanDog’s tag to prevent flea infestations, inhibit flea reproduction or repel existing flea infestations on cats. Vet Parasitology. 92[4]:303-8

Konstantin, M. (2011) First Transfer Centre of Scalar wave Technology. DNA and Cell Biology. [Online] Available from: (Accessed 26/03/2015)


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