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Two Weeks Before Raw Feeding Conference


Can’t wait to attend the #RFVS

Nick Thompson Holisticvet Blog

Just 11 days to go until the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) Conference in London and it’s all happening too fast. In parachuting circles this is called ‘ground rush’, where you see the ground approaching as you drift down beneath your canopy, but the last 20 feet seem to happen faster than the previous thousand!

We’ve got Lyn Thompson MRCVS, who’s set up a chain of eight shops selling raw food and giving veterinary advice to owners, in Auckland, New Zealand. She is an inspiration and is one of the best read vets/people in the world on all things raw. I can’t wait to hear her perspective.

Chris Furley MRCVS is a zoo vet who famously, at the March meeting of the RFVS this year, said words to the effect of ‘I think the most surprising thing about raw food in the UK is that the vets have any problem…

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