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The Manufacturer Loyalty Confusion


ingredientsourceOnce you start a pet, or even yourself and your family, on any type of diet and see positive changes in their health and possibly behaviour, it is natural to develop a loyalty to the manufacturer of the product that you are feeding. It would in fact be scientifically impossible to tell at such point if another food would have been better or worse for that particular individual at that exact time, the only way you could tell, is by further changes.

We are however, as a species resistant to change.

If you have therefore developed loyalty to one particular manufacturer, due to trust that the product you are using is of benefit, does it necessarily follow that that particular manufacturer and all of their products are of the same quality and will produce the same positive result in your pet?

Unfortunately the answer is often NO.

Whilst certain manufacturers are stringent in their refusal to include anything in their products that might cause risk to the general populous, many/most are profit driven, and in the end you can only be assured that the one guaranteed of loyalty to your pets’ individual  needs, is you.

We have become aware of British pet food manufacturers with great (self promoted and customer promoted) reputations, who are using non-species appropriate ingredients, that import ingredients from countries known to have contaminants in their products and use GMO’s, all in the name of saving on production costs.

Therefore, on the basis of our findings we recommend that you not only double check the ingredients label on the products that you purchase, but also the source of those ingredients. When we say this, the fact that the manufacturer can trace the product to the farm is not near enough, you need to be able to have access to that information, so that you yourself can check on the integrity and ethos of each ingredient supplier, and can be satisfied that what you feed is the best that you can obtain.

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