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The Raw Cost

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20150113-072303.jpgKitten pouches cost around £3 for 12 x 100g, this 6 month old kitten would need at least 4 of those a day.

£1 per day minimum for food

However, he is raw fed and many people fear that they would not be able to afford to raw feed their pets.

Every 10 days a fresh batch of food is made up and frozen, this contains:


  • 3lbs of raw mince with bone, 3 different types of meat I.e. pheasant, rabbit & beef20150113-072326.jpg
  • 1 free range organic egg
  • finely chopped fresh organic veg
  • finely chopped fresh organic dandelion leaves
  • herbs: seaweed, garlic & turmeric
  • oils: cold pressed coconut & olive
  • Apple cider vinegar

This is split into pots to which liver and a chicken wing is added & then they are frozen.
Each morning one is taken out and defrosted for the next day.


The cost?

Around 50p per day

Plus switching to a raw diet has been proven by Canine Health Concern to reduced veterinary visits by 85% & increase longevity.

A little extra care & effort goes a long way!




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