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The Feeding Meat & Kibble Parradox



All too often pet parents with the very best of intentions supplement a dry diet with meat or vice versa. This is a mistake.
The levels of starch in dried food prevent stomach pH from reaching its optimum level, having a negative effect on meat digestion in the stomach and in the duodenum, due to the effect on the production of pancreatic enzymes.
These also effect the bodies ability to fight off bacteria such as salmonella, clostridium etc. as that is dependent on those pH levels.
These starches cannot be digested orally due to a lack of Amylase, the enzyme necessary to do so in the mouth, and therefore can feed the bacteria in plaque.
The starch also has a negative effect on digestion further down the digestive tract and feeds internal flora effecting immunity.
With the meat not being able to be digested properly, this can have consequences on…

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