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The Bone Necessities



Veterinarians worry about raw feeding for two reasons:-

  1.  they have been informed by “experts” (pet food manufacturers) that it is not good for your pet
  2.  they worry that you may get it wrong

There have in fact been a number of cases in which raw feeding has been so badly balanced, that animals have been left disabled.

One such occurence in America, was where a litter of kittens were raw fed, but never fed bone. These kittens had no source of calcium in their diet and therefore had spongy, deformed limbs. Thankfully, they were taken on by someone who knew better, and an improved result was had when on a properly balanced raw diet.

Calcium levels in diet are vital, for bone and teeth health, as well as having many other functions, and if they are not high enough, the bodys’ homoestasis takes over, pulling calcium deposits from bones and teeth. This…

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