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The Lifestage/Breed Specific Misinformation


In the wild puppies & senior dogs get the same diet as the adults, the only difference being that puppies get it already ripped from the carcass and regurgitated.
Healthy dogs from genetically healthy lines have the potential to live until they are 25 years old, so why on earth would they require higher ‘fibre’ in their diet when they turn 7?
In fact science has shown that mature animals need more protein. Of course if they’re on a species appropriate diet in the first place, they’re getting plenty of the right proteins.
In a brief investigation, now that percentages are on pet food labels, we found higher simple carbohydrate levels in food for small dogs, in some cases up to 70% grain!
Our recipe equates to 77% meat and recommends the addition of raw meaty bones at all life stages & for all breed types, quite a difference.

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