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The Spoilt Brat Simulation


Far too many owners tell me that they have issues with their dogs’ behaviour only in certain situations, and want advice for that only, as in all other aspects their furry baby is perfect; in 100% of such scenarios I find myself having to convince the owner to take off their rosé coloured glasses.
‘Oh but I’m always strict with him when he doesn’t behave’ is generally quoted, however the reality is often that a small effort is exerted at the time of undesired public behaviour but in private the dog is spoilt.
If the dog knows that he/she can do basically whatever they want, whenever they want in private (which is let’s face it, most of the time), then why would they suddenly do what you want ‘immediately’ whilst in public? ‘But he’s trained’ is no answer, as often that means he’ll play the game when he’s in the mood.
Full behaviour consultations are available, in your own home so that the reality if the situation can be perceived before offering corrective advice.

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