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The Halitosis Implication


Halitosis is caused by a build up of bacteria on the teeth, tongue and gums, causing plaque, gum disease and tooth decay. These bacteria have been shown to produce an immunological response (Warinner, 2012; Nonnemacher et al. 2002).
80% of UK dogs over the age of 3 have Peridontal disease according to the British Association of Veterinary Dentistry, associated with degeneration of the hepatic, renal, circulatory and respiratory systems (DeBowes et al. 1996; Pavlica et al. 2008; Milella, 2012).
In my research 87% of dogs on a cooked diet and none of the dogs on a raw diet had halitosis – these raw fed dogs were fed a variety of raw bones on which to ‘clean’ their teeth.
Therefore halitosis is not just inconvienient when getting doggy kisses, feed raw and pucker-up with confidence 😉

Kisses with Wolves

Kisses with Wolves

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