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The Slippage Degeneration


On a regular basis I hear of the raw feeder who has ‘slipped’, and there will always be a but… But he’s still getting home cooked dinners, but our fridge-freezer died, but we were away….
Some of these are simply excuses & some are genuine, but whatever the situation if determined there is always a way to continue to raw feed, or there are alternatives that are not as bad as ‘cooking’ or going back to kibble.
The good old ..’in the new year’ or ‘when such & such happens I’ll change the dog back’ is convenient for the owner but not for the animal.
We all get busy & things can often get on top of us, and whilst kibble is technically easier for the owner the lasting effect on digestion, immunity and the rest of the body is in my meagre opinion not worth the risk.

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