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The Diet:Health Correlation

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Whilst volunteering at a local kennels I realised that I was able to tell which diet a dog was on just by looking at it. This often surprised the owners as I could not have had previous knowledge of their pets’ diet.
With this in mind I designed my dissertation project, determining health status visually & then taking details of what the animals were fed.
I was unsurprised by the correlation, but others might be.
The healthiest dogs (visually) were those on a well balanced raw diet, followed by a level of diminishing returns based on the quality (or lack of) of diet being fed, this included animals on a mixture of both raw and dried food, as the mix has a negative effect on digestion in a number of ways:

  • Absorption
  • Motility
  • pH levels
  • Bacteria

For more information on how certain ingredients in diet effect digestion and therefore health a copy of my book “The Science Behind Canine Raw Feeding” can be obtained via Amazon.

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