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The Small Dog Dilemma


Many people have an adverse reaction to certain breeds of dog, but it appears none more so than those who ‘don’t like’ small dogs, oft referred to as ‘ankle biters’.

The reasons behind this are generalisations formed from meeting small dogs who had behavioural issues, unfortunately this is quite often the case. So how do I know that I will like my frends’ small dog? The answer is simpler than you might think:

1) My friend is a natural rearer, who raw feeds – therefore I know that her dog is getting the amount of amino acids, vitamins and minerals necessary to produce the hormones she needs to be calm, as well as being healthier which leads to calm.

2) My friend practices natural behaviour techniques – ensuring that her small dog is not given stressful jobs or an inflated ego, and is a laid back, calm individual.

3) My friend is a calm person, who instills peace and relaxation in her home.


If you want to know more about raw feeding or natural rearing my first two books are available on amazon:

If you want to know more about behaviour try:-

There will be more information about how nutrition effects behaviour in my forthcoming book

  • The Science Behind Canine Behaviour
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