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The Carbohydrate Conundrum


We were asked yesterday why pro-raw animal nutritionists and Veterinary surgeons declare that our pet carnivores “have no requirement for carbohydrates” and should not be fed them, but recommend feeding fruit and vegetables which also contain carbohydrates.

The answer is:

Simple Vs Complex

Think back to the food types wheel we were all shown in school, where carbohydrates were listed separately to fruit and vegetables and are now labeled “Bread, Rice, Pasta & Starchy foods”.

[Image 1] (2012:

Those carbohydrates are the ‘simple’ carbohydrates that our carnivorous pets cannot naturally digest themselves. However the carbohydrates in the fruit and vegetables section of that chart are ‘complex’ carbohydrates which breakdown in the digestive tract in a different manner.

It is also interesting to note that those grains & vegetables that are ‘simple’ carbohydrates (grains & sugars) are often listed as the same ones that acidify the body, verse the ‘complex’ carbohydrates that alkalise the body. Body acidification is associated with a number of degenerative diseases. 

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