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Lack of nutrition can effect hormones & therefore behaviour


In today’s commercial cooked canine diets, any animal proteins are denatured by the cooking process, this has a negative effect on the bodies ability to utalise the ingredients.

Many of the proteins in commercial tinned and dried food derive from vegetable origin, mainly grains such as corn or soy, mentioned in previous posts as bad for digestion.

These foods therefore contain a lack of quality animal based tryptophan, one of the essential nutrients in the diet of our carnivorous pets. Tryptophan is the pre-cursor to Seratonin, Seratonin is the calming hormone. So it’s easy to see how a cheap commercial diet, lacking in quality animal tryptophan, can have an effect on behaviour.

In order to combat this there are two options, either:

a) provide a synthetic version of trytophan available in tablet form from a large pharaceutical company

b) feed species appropriate raw animal protein.

A simple example of how food production boosts pharma sales in the pet industry as well as the human industry.


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